2 Pittsburgh Graffiti Gang Members Arrested

2 Pittsburgh Graffiti Gang Members Arrested

Police have arrested two men in connection with $4,200 worth of graffiti damage throughout the city of Pittsburgh.

Police said their investigation began when graffiti displaying “CCK,” “3311,” “DRAMA” and “SLAVE” started appearing in the city in October 2008.

Police concluded that “CCK” was an abbreviation for “Crazy Cracka Killas,” a known graffiti group. Police said “3311” was the numerical value of each first letter in the alphabet, with both Cs equaling a “3” and K equaling “11.”

In February 2009, police said the graffiti was found in a men’s order neurontin no prescription bathroom stall at a restaurant. The IDs of those inside were checked and Stephen Wadlow, of Pittsburgh, and Patrick Walsh, of Dormont, both 22 years old, were identified as suspects.

Police said both were interviewed the following month and received summons arrests.

Police said the men were responsible for damage to 10 different sites in the city, totaling $4,200.

Both men have been charged with $2,100 in damages and face seven counts each of criminal mischief.

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