Beginner Photography

Beginner Photography

As a beginner you may have a vast number of photography ideas. What you may be wondering is what technique is best to use with which idea. Before taking a photography course you may wish to try the technique described here.

Before you begin list all of your ideas on paper. Sit down and give yourself twenty minutes of uninterrupted time to brainstorm every idea that is saturating your mind. This technique is often called a “brain dump.”

You will be amazed at the creativity that emerges once your mind is cleared of all the clutter of thoughts and ideas you are having. After making your list put a star beside your favorite photography ideas – not more than ten.

Then go back and put two stars cheap neurontin online beside the ones that seem to excite you the most – not more than three. Take these three most exciting ideas and think about what it will take to complete them. Are you equally excited about the process each will require?

Choose the photography idea that excites you the most and that would be the easiest to implement. If all three of your top favorites are equal, write them on one piece of paper each, fold the paper, and put the papers in a box.

Now, with your eyes closed, draw one photography idea out of the box and get busy with it. When it’s complete, follow the same process to choose your next project. Simple, right?

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