Blue Zircon Gems

Blue Zircon Gems

There are types of precious stones with a few relatively good hardness and shine that occur in the color blue. Sapphire is the most famous, and may be found in the full range of blues, from pale blue to black and blue. Topaz Blue, produced by the radioactive colorless topaz is the most popular of all gemstones blue, it is available widely and at attractive prices and are not in tones of light and medium dark. Other options include blue and blue-violet tanzanite () and peridot (light blue). And can in some cases, spinel and tourmaline can be found in the blue, but only rarely.

The most brilliant blue gemstone is no doubt zircon, which has a higher index of refraction of sapphire tanzanite or even spinel. Zircon, but not well known by the public, who are prone to interference with cubic zirconia, a tonic artificial diamond. Natural mineral zircon, zirconium silicate, and is found in a range of colors, including white, blue, yellow, orange, brown, rose and green.

Zircon production is blue, and the most popular color, through the heat treatment of zircon brown. But not all turn blue zircon brown when exposed to heat, only some of the zircon and the structure of the right material to convert the blue order neurontin capsules when heated. This is why in most of the blue zircon comes from Cambodia or Burma.

Blue Zircon has some unique characteristics that make it very popular with amateur precious stones. Not only zircon and outstanding brilliance, but also has a very strong dispersion or fire, and the tendency to split white light into colors of the spectrum. Zircon is also very clear birefringence or double refraction, where the difference between the two indices of refraction is unusually high. This is clear in many cases can be seen with the naked eye when you look down across a table cut Zircon: I’ll note the face of weaknesses that make the edges of the viewpoint.

Although Blue Zircon is a gem of a reasonably difficult, on the Mohs hardness scale of about 7 to 7.5, is crisp and somewhat sensitive to that knocks and pressure. Zircon has a tendency to wear along the edges of the face. Therefore it should be used in workshops is limited to security settings or the wearing of jewelry in some cases.

Can be found on the blue zircon in a range of blue tones from very pale blue and means saturated. Due to pleochroism, can look a little greenish-blue zircon when an offer from one direction.

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