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Graffiti Drawing Tips

Graffiti Drawing Tips

The question “How to do graffiti” can be well answered by following the first basic step of any art form that is the observation. The observation of the surroundings can help you get a notion or an idea of the situation. Looking at the available piece of graffiti can also give you an idea of how to do graffiti. Once you have got the idea of how to do graffiti, you should now get to know how to draw graffiti. By trying to copy the existing graffiti you can have an idea of how to draw graffiti. When you copy graffiti you come to know about some of the basic ratios and proportions of the object. You also come to know how the perspective of object works.

Make your own impression with creativity
Once you have tried to copy a graffiti you should try to make your own variation in the graffiti this will let you understand in a better way to draw graffiti. Once you have acquired the basic skills of how to make graffiti you need to apply the skill. Try to make a graffiti that can set as your logo. Your creativity now comes into picture. You have to decide what you have to draw; the concept should be generated within your mind. You can also take graffiti tips from graffiti masters and schools.

Graffiti Tips
There are few graffiti tips that can be followed during your course of drawing graffiti. First among the graffiti tips is the use of paint cans. The graffiti is best made with the help of color spray cans that help you make graffiti on any texture and surface with minimum amount of effort and also within very short time. So get your self familiar with how to use the color spray can.

Another one graffiti tips is the order in which the graffiti making should go. First make a background for your graffiti to stand out. Make the background such that it gives a smooth finish to the graffiti. Make use of light colors such as white or Grey to make the background. Once the background is ready make use of small cap spray can to make the outline of the graffiti. The outline should be of light color and should merge well with the background. The outline is just for your convenience and not to stand out. Once the outline is over, go ahead with real painting and make the graffiti as per your thoughts.

Next is to make use of 3D effects; with the use of thin stroke of dull color you can make a three dimensional effect. To make the thin line, hold the can near the wall and make a fast stroke. This will limit the spreading of the paint and give you a sharp thin line. The colors of the graffiti are also very important and hence basic color wheel should be kept in mind while deciding the color combination.

To make your graffiti look tidy and neat, fill in all the space that is available. Do not leave gaps within your graffiti. Fill all the gaps with proper strokes of the color can. Also make sure that light shade does not overlap dark shade, it should always be the other way round.

The use of graffiti has reached to the art level and now is considered as a form of art, creativity and also offers you a method of expression. Graffiti offers a wide circulation of thoughts and leaves a better impact on the viewer than other means of expression.

2 Pittsburgh Graffiti Gang Members Arrested

2 Pittsburgh Graffiti Gang Members Arrested

Police have arrested two men in connection with $4,200 worth of graffiti damage throughout the city of Pittsburgh.

Police said their investigation began when graffiti displaying “CCK,” “3311,” “DRAMA” and “SLAVE” started appearing in the city in October 2008.

Police concluded that “CCK” was an abbreviation for “Crazy Cracka Killas,” a known graffiti group. Police said “3311” was the numerical value of each first letter in the alphabet, with both Cs equaling a “3” and K equaling “11.”

In February 2009, police said the graffiti was found in a men’s bathroom stall at a restaurant. The IDs of those inside were checked and Stephen Wadlow, of Pittsburgh, and Patrick Walsh, of Dormont, both 22 years old, were identified as suspects.

Police said both were interviewed the following month and received summons arrests.

Police said the men were responsible for damage to 10 different sites in the city, totaling $4,200.

Both men have been charged with $2,100 in damages and face seven counts each of criminal mischief.



Extremely racist graffiti (I’m talking really really bad) was found at Highlands Park last night on a bench, right as you enter the park from the Louisiana Drive side.

It’s one thing to see gang graffiti, but this was bad, and it doesn’t help that it’s so close to an elementary school.

Whoever you are that did this graffiti, you’re an idiot.

If you see anything suspicious at Highlands, or any other park around the city, call the police.

For those of you wondering, I do have a photo, but I decided not to post it since I know it would bother a lot of people.

Lou Correa and Young Senators Organize Graffiti Clean-up in City

Lou Correa and Young Senators Organize Graffiti Clean-up in City

State Senator Lou Correa and students from his Young Senators program are partnering with the City of Stanton to organize a Community Graffiti Clean-up event on Saturday, March 20th from 9am-12pm in the City of Stanton. The residential neighborhood taken over by graffiti is on the corner of Western Ave and Orangewood Ave along the railroad tracks that pass through the city.

“The homes of these hardworking Orange County residents have been ruined by graffiti and because of a worsening economy they cannot afford to keep covering up the graffiti themselves,” stated Senator Lou Correa. “I’m bringing folks together so we can clean it up and restore safety to this community.”

“The graffiti program of Senator Lou Correa comes at a very important time. Stanton is expanding our own graffiti program to fight this crime in our neighborhoods with increased fines, penalties and restitution along with an intervention program at local schools. This partnership will bring together the Stanton community,” stated Stanton Council Member David Shawver.

Spate of Graffiti Sprayings in Lakewood

Spate of Graffiti Sprayings in Lakewood

Several incidences of spray-painted graffiti in Lakewood, NJ, have residents on alert, though, sources say, the graffiti does not appear to gang-related or targeted at any specific group, but rather simple vandalism.

Graffiti is not a new phenomenon in Lakewood, where anti-Semitic writing has shown up in various neighborhoods, including Coventry Square, over the last few years.

In the more recent incidents, a new house on Ridge Avenue, at New York Avenue, was blatantly sprayed up in an act of vandalism.

In a second instance, a non-Jewish house of worship was sprayed with graffiti as well.

Jon Naar Interview | The Faith of Graffiti

Jon Naar Interview | The Faith of Graffiti

It’s 35 years since the release of Norman Mailer and Jon Naar’s Faith of Graffiti book. The legendary book has been re-issued and is available in a special edition at Wooster Collective, who conducted this interview discussing the impact of the book and the process of compiling such a legendary title in 1974.