Identifying counterfeit crystal goods

Identifying counterfeit crystal goods

Crystal is a cheaper low-grade gems, used to impersonate the only glass. Easily without damage identification method is as follows:

1 touch method:
Gems are crystals, heat quickly, the glass is amorphous crystallization, heat slowly. Therefore, touching the sample, crystalline  have a cool feeling; and there are warm feeling of glass.Of course, such recognition to the prior general practice, familiar with the differences between the two can only be determined after the test is not available before too long holding time, or place where a heat source for too long, so as not to affect the test results of the external environment. In addition, to test sensitivity, is usually sensitive parts such as tongue or fingers to determine the cool or warm.

2, magnifying observation:
Glass surface and often into the whirlpool of the thread within the pattern, its appearance much like the honey or glue them into the clear water after mixing, as mixing with uneven phenomenon. Glass-house often with varying amounts of air bubbles, the bubble has beads neurontin online pharmacy shaped, oval-shaped, elongated shape and flat, etc., these phenomena in other crystalline gems are rare within.Another glass of crisp brittle or cracked in the jewelry inlaid Office Department, under the glass would be caving due to fragmentation of small pieces and leave the dent smooth curved like shells. Natural stone for better toughness, fracture rare.

3, glass fake gemstone supplier because of lower prices, it is very rough milling quality, or even molten glass is poured into the mold in the casting. Facet of such products often not smooth, faceted edges do not cross between the straight. Generally the more precious stones, pondering the better the quality.

4, the glass is not a homogeneous body crystal crystal crystal belong to the non-homogeneous body, usually with a polarimeter can be detected.

5, hardness distinction: crystal hardness of 7, the glass usually around 5.5, less obvious parts with jewelry in the glass can be tested separately carved out.

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