Indoor macro photography ideas

Indoor macro photography ideas

1. Low lighting

Lighting is always an issue indoors so use it to your advantage. Choose an area or location in your house that has good natural lighting, enough to light your subject but not too much that will overpower it. Switch off your flash and any other artificial lighting. This low lighting is going to help you get a moody effect with just natural light. An image doesn’t always need to brightly and evenly lit and shadows will only add something extra to the photo. A half lit face adds drama to a portrait shot indoors using just natural light.

2. Abstract art

This is a really an easy photo opportunity and lends itself to macro or close-up photography. What’s great about the home is that there are many items that can be given a new artistic perspective when shot close-up. Choose part of the object, get in really close and see if you can shoot it in such a way that someone would not recognize it for its intended purpose. Most of us have seen those ‘guess what buy generic neurontin this is’ photos in magazines of an object where readers have to guess what the image actually is. Change your white balance settings for some interesting color casts.

3. Perfect patterns
Because most things indoors are man-made you will find an abundance of patterns and texture all just waiting to be photographed. Baskets, fabrics and furniture are just some of the subjects that inspired me to shoot indoors. Before you know it subjects will be screaming for your attention. Linked with patterns are textures and these come out beautifully using a macro lens or macro feature on your camera. Get in closer and you will discover worlds within worlds.4. Shoot shiny

There are a number of opportunities in a home to do this. So go from room to room and find the shiny subjects and shoot as many as possible. You should always find a plentiful supply of reflective surfaces and objects in the average home. Try to be creative and shoot them from an angle that is unique and will give a different perspective to the viewer.

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