Kazuri Fair Trade Jewellery – Summer Fashion 2010

Kazuri Fair Trade Jewellery – Summer Fashion 2010

Kazuri jewellery is hand made in Kenya by local women. The fair trade Jewellery made by Kazuri is bright and vibrant, Kazuri is a Swahili word meaning ‘small and beautiful’. The jewellery definitely lives up to its name, every piece is made from many individual beads that are all ‘small and beautiful’. Each bead is carefully hand-crafted by one of 400 women who create the jewellery in a small village outside Nairobi. The jewellery is made from ceramic, the process involves forming clay into beads, firing them and then hand glazing them with a vibrant range of different coloured paints, firing them again before stringing.

The Kazuri enterprise was started in 1975 by Lady buy neurontin medication Susan Wood. Lady Wood was born in a mud hut in the Belgian Congo to missionary parents. From a young age she was accustomed to living under difficult circumstances, a year after her birth her parents decided to return to England. To make this journey they had to travel on foot across central Africa, to board a steamer to Alexandria and then another boat to England. She and her siblings remained in England at boarding school whilst her parents returned to the Congo. During the second world war she trained at Oxford as a nurse, this is where she met Michael Wood who she would later marry.

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