Lou Correa and Young Senators Organize Graffiti Clean-up in City

Lou Correa and Young Senators Organize Graffiti Clean-up in City

State Senator Lou Correa and students from his Young Senators program are partnering with the City of Stanton to organize a Community Graffiti Clean-up event on Saturday, March 20th from 9am-12pm in the City of Stanton. The residential neighborhood taken over by graffiti is on the corner of Western Ave and Orangewood Ave along the railroad tracks that pass through the city.

“The homes of these hardworking Orange County residents have been ruined by graffiti and because of a worsening economy they cannot afford to keep buy neurontin 100mg covering up the graffiti themselves,” stated Senator Lou Correa. “I’m bringing folks together so we can clean it up and restore safety to this community.”

“The graffiti program of Senator Lou Correa comes at a very important time. Stanton is expanding our own graffiti program to fight this crime in our neighborhoods with increased fines, penalties and restitution along with an intervention program at local schools. This partnership will bring together the Stanton community,” stated Stanton Council Member David Shawver.

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