Origin of Black Art

Origin of Black Art

We can define Black Art as the collection of different art forms by persons of African descent. Those art forms can be African sculptures, African literature, African art, African woodwork, African music, African jewelry etc. In Black Art you can actually observe traces of humanity across the globe, across different civilizations and also throughout time. Black art is actually a common term resembling the creations of the individuals in the South of the Sahara.


Art  has been always an integral part of the Africans. From ages Africans are using their Black art to serve different purposes. Black art had been used for personal therapy, expressing ideas and as the channel of communication with the gods and ancestors. The origin of Black art is in African history. The history of Black art depicts vast assortment of art forms.


The actual origin of Black art was back in 500 B.C., during a village of Nigeria. The African sculptures were the very first form of Black art which came across at the side of limited pottery within the village. The traditional forms of the Black art are mainly figures and masks for some secular sort of ceremonies. Wood was used as the main material for most of these buy neurontin pfizer Black art forms. The wood was festooned with some other materials like clay, shells, metal, ivory, beads and feathers.


In indigenous Black art, Western & Central Africa is supposed to be the richest regions of all. These regions are famous for various art forms of the African culture. On one hand western Sudan and Guinea coast are known for the Black art of abstract wood- carvings, whereas on the other hand Nigeria is all time famous for the terracotta statuettes. These statuettes were found in the era of Nok culture of the 5th century B.C. These statuettes from tribal art of Africa are generally human figures made in terracotta. So the history and origin of Black art is contributed by the varied African tribes, each representing some different forms and styles of Black art. The small African tribes of the Cameroon grasslands are famous for his or her animated wood carvings and sculptures.


The work of Black artists across the history created a huge influence on western artists making them recognize the fundamental and artistic significance of African sculpture. The lasting individuality of Black art became less important within the last century but still it is a source of inspiration for many artists.

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