Panther Prints: Technology taking over

Panther Prints: Technology taking over

With the economy going in a downward spiral more everyday, technology is not helping the situation. Of course, everyone loves the fact that technology is improving their iPods and their digital cameras, but is anybody looking at the bigger picture? Big cities usually have a large variety of shops and stores for tourism and everyday economic growth.  Recently, taking a drive down a typically busy road consists of empty stores (that can’t afford to be torn down), or stores that are struggling with insane sales to regain the popularity they once had. Of course, it’s easy to blame the economy for everything but the fact is that technology isn’t helping out to fix the problem either.

Within the past year companies have sold their stores or combined them with other companies in order to stay in business. Others have completely shut down and went out of business due to rivalry prices and stores. Blockbuster appears to be one of the stores possibly starting out in a battle to keep up their stores and business. This of course is partly because of the new red boxes placed everywhere you turn. As a matter of fact, the new red box and Netflix, is not only easy to use, but it’s fairly cheap. Up till recently, Blockbuster did not have anything like that anywhere. Now Blockbuster has gone with the new ages and put some of their own boxes up in order to keep their business. That’s not all! Not only has technologies new advances in renting films changed Blockbuster’s way of doing things, it has also caused them to have to close some of the stores in certain locations in order to keep up the few that are actually buy neurontin us still receiving business.

Don’t feel bad for Blockbuster, because they aren’t the only ones going through tough times right now. Since there are, in fact, new advances in technology, the need for employees is obviously going to be unnecessary. Being that one can just go up to a simple little box and make a selection with a swipe of their credit card hardly needs any assistance from an (on the clock employee). Of course, they aren’t taking all the jobs. They still need someone once a week to go and put in the new movies to enhance the boxes movie selection.

Retail isn’t the only career being hit with job taking technology. In fact, the medical field is taking a beating as well. With technology becoming part of everyday life, medical records within the next few years are going to be virtual records rather than being on file. Of course, one argument would be that doctors can easily carry around the records with them while walking through the hospital. The big con is hackers. Privacy is a big issue as it is without the records being placed out in the open. This idea most likely will affect the jobs of many being that doctors can easily add to or adjust the records as he/she’s visiting with the patient.

What does this mean for the future? Will all the jobs be taken by machines that don’t require pay and work 24 hours a day? Will all the remaining employed citizens have to work for lower wages just to keep their jobs? Is it even about money anymore? One thing is for certain; the only thing to do is to wait and see what the future holds.

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