Sixth International Contemporary Art Fair in Los Angeles

Sixth International Contemporary Art Fair in Los Angeles

The original Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair which will be the sixth annual artLA is scheduled during Sept. 30-October 3, 2011. This time International Contemporary Art Fair is going to be on a new and awesome location; the J.W.Marriott Ritz Carlton which is located in Downtown Los Angeles.

The luxurious J.W. Marriott Ritz Carlton has a climate controlled 25,000 sq. ft. column-free exhibit hall which is entered through a 3-story atrium, creating the most convenient and luxurious setting that maximizes your experience for L.A.’s premier contemporary art fair.


The original Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair which is famous as artLA, is a platform for innovative work. artLA actually is a common & the best platform for original contemporary Art not only from Los Angeles but also from the international galleries in conjunction with the dealers and galleries from across the U. It represents a gripping equilibrium of entrenched and up-coming promising artists.


artLA 2011 or International Contemporary Art Fair 2011 includes all traditional mediums along with film, video, modernist and contemporary furniture and design and architectural innovations that were part of the progressive post-war art movement in the Los Angeles region that continues today.  The fair will also include related lectures, sessions, trainings, screenings, seminars, and panel discussions with artists, curators & collectors in the adjoining rooms.


International Contemporary Art Fair artLA is the best to be found not only to take the excitement of the L.A. art scene but also to locate it in a larger buy cheap neurontin online historical background with outstanding programming & study of post World War II art produced there. artLA organization actually welcomes the international art community as it draw together here this fall for the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time. This is a collaboration of more than sixty cultural institutions across Southern California which tells the story of the origin of the art scene in Los Angeles and how it turn out to be a major new force in the art world.


Now the original Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair is in its 6th year and artLA 2011 is the 49th art fair produced by artLA Director, Stephen Cohen and also the 26th art fair in Los Angeles since 1992. The director said, “With our magnificent location in Downtown L.A., artLA 2011 is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience for galleries and collectors from across the globe.”


He ensured, “The focus of the art world will be on Los Angeles this fall. artLA, with its five years of proven success, along with the twenty year history of photo L.A., confirms L.A.’s role as a major engine driving contemporary art at this time. During this art-filled weekend, Downtown L.A. will be the nexus of this astonishing energy. Our programming and the excellent lineup of participants’ promises to leave an unforgettable impression on everyone involved.”

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