The pots we use in our home are like stage sets. At rest on a table, dish drainer, or in a cupboard, they are visually engaging. Through use they provide access to other activities: gathering food from the garden, cooking, conversation, dining, arrangement of flowers, sorting of papers. This daily relationship with the pots offers up both utility and continual visual inquiry. Like a stage set, the pot has an ability to disappear and then reappear.

Linda Christianson is a well-known and respected Minnesota studio potter and pottery instructor. She received her BA in Studio Art from buy gabapentin cheap Hamine University in St. Paul where she also participated in their Graduate Apprentice program. She pursued further practical experience through a Ceramic Studio Workshop program at the Banff Centre School for Fine Arts. Her work has been widely exhibited across the country and around the world. Linda has also taught in many centers for ceramic arts and her reputation as an educator puts her much in demand for her workshops in functional pottery, surface decoration, and wood-firing techniques.

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